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You start the game as a fragile little egg on the battlefield. Then, it is aimed to be the first by using the destructive power of your egg. While shooting bullets in the game, you should try to shoot all enemies with your weapons! Destroy all the other eggs in the arena by choosing the one that suits you best from a wide variety of weapons!

ShellShockers is an online multiplayer first-person shooter adventure game. The main purpose of you and your enemies is to try to destroy sensitive eggs. The aim of the game is to have the highest number of kills among other players while trying to survive as long as possible. There are also some egg packs and grenades that can help you in battle. Find a score point and destroy all other enemy eggs. Can you put your own name at the top of the poster table?

How to Play
WASD – Move
Mouse – Targeting and steering
Q – Grenade
E – Change weapons
Space Bar – Jumping
R – Reloading bullets Strategy
ShellShockers is one of the best first-rate shooting .io games. You are an egg and your job is to shoot and destroy other players before they hit you. Choose your class in ShellShockers and end your enemies with awesome weapons in this 3D multiplayer shooter game. Equip yourself with deadly weapons like Scramble Shotgun and EggK47. Updates are coming, but slowly. shell shockers unblocked

ShellShockers is currently being developed by one person, so it will take some time. But don’t worry, the game is in active development. And when new features are available, you will be the first to learn! You can play without blocking it at school. But if that doesn’t work, please try the games above.

Shell Shockers Play Unblocked .io Games
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