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About is a brand new .io game where you have to expand your region on the map! When the game starts, you have a very small area. But you also control a moving box. You must capture the region to add it to the block you control. To do this, just draw a line and tie it back to your area. Be careful not to touch your own line while doing this, because you die when you touch your own line! You can also destroy your opponents by hitting them while creating a line. Start capturing the region step by step. Can you be the owner of the map and be the leader in the leaderboard in this great multiplayer game? Have fun with the game!

How to Play
The aim is to capture as much land as possible. You will add rectangular pieces of soil to your own region, starting from a small area, that is, from the square, by drawing with your character. If one of the other players cut your connection in this process, you will die. You can only be safe in your area, so is such an exciting game. The score depends on the percentage of the captured area and the number of enemies you destroyed. You should visit the skins section to access different themes in the game. Here are the themes that are activated when you share on Twitter and Facebook. paperio unblocked Strategy
You are a small piece of paper in the game and your goal is to cover the entire map with the color of your paper. When your paper frame moves, it leaves a mark. To get this trail, the surrounded area, you must return to your color block so that the surrounding area will be yours. The strategy is to slowly take over the whole map. When you are not in your area and leave a mark, they can kill you by passing over other players. When you die, all the regions you have won are destroyed.

Remember that conquered areas can be captured by your enemies, and while you can stretch your empire in a different area of ​​the map, other players will try to take over your own region from the other side. It is also a very addictive, very fast game. You will need a computer connected to the internet to play the game. The game works perfectly in any browser and you just need to enter your username and press the start button to get started. Play Unblocked .io games
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